COVID eLearning course

We are pleased to share a new COVID eLearning course, developed with sportscotland. It has been designed for players, participants and parents/carers to support a safe return to sport and physical activity.

During these difficult times, we know how important it is for grassroots players to continue to enjoy playing football, but also how vitally important it is to ensure that they do so in a safe and secure environment, where all precautions are taken to limit the spread of COVID-19.

In partnership with sportscotland, the Scottish FA created the Coronavirus Awareness Information e-learning module to help empower the football community in Scotland to play its part in limiting the spread of coronavirus throughout the country.

Who is it for?
All players, participants over the age of 13, and parents and carers are invited to undertake this course if they or their children are to participate in sports training, competitions and other events.

Register for the free module at:

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